The Panick Cave (poem)

The Panick Cave

by Dauphine Sb

Kind heart, why have you left me,

where have you gone?

Like the cinders of the offer

you are gone.

The snow builds up

in the empty tomb.

I have become a signal.

I tuck my kids into bed.

I don’t cry in front of

them; in fact there are no

tears, heart, at all.

Now all I have left is

pinpricking in the atria area,

which could be the early

warnings of a panic attack–

is there a pamphlet I

could consult? Don’t leave me.

When I went through the gauntlet

the last last time

I admitted myself to

the emergency room.

Hooked to a blood pressure machine

pythoning my arm,

staring up at a fluorescent ceiling.

Not myself. Who was I then?

Who was I then to you?

Have you been planning a

prison break this whole time?

Last night I had a dream of you.

You were lodged within me and

we stood on a trail that led

through a forest burned out by

wildfire. You warned me not to

go on.

The consequences

would be terrible.

The clouds went

by. I

touched my chest,

certain even in the dream that

I had already misplaced you.

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