I wanted to get a post started here…so don’t expect much with this tonight. But this will be a blog that will try to lay down some foundations of thought for a lot of things that have been bouncing around my head:

+Paganism (a loose umbrella term, I know–and I haven’t really been involved with it the way I have with Christianity. But there are certain ideas with radicalism, poetics, Lacan and Deleuze, the exoteric vs. the esoteric, that I want to craft here. And build a community–of some sort–around. I have no idea if that’s a fool’s errand or not)
+Poetry (I write it, and love reading it…I can be a horrible snob about it though, so bear with me)
+Neurotheology (this is probably not the best term, specifically in relation to paganism…but as a materialist–albeit not in a reductionist way–I’m really compelled by new discoveries in neuroscience and the cognitive sciences and how they intersect with age-old questions of belief, mysticism, religious experiences, and the like)
+Queerness and spirituality (I am trans*, and specifically bi-gender)

And probably lots of other things. I can be a bit headstrong, but also fiercely kind, so feel free to say hi, or drop me a line at whenthewhorlsfuse@gmail.com


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